Used in over 200,000 retail stores Worldwide


Global leading CamCount foot-traffic counters for retail, cafe, restaurants automotive dealers and malls,  the same technology has been proven in over 200,000+ retail locations around the world. Now you can satisfy operations, marketing and the executive team with a reliable, cost effective solution. CamCount traffic counters deliver the highest accuracy at one of the lowest costs.

Retailers today are hungry for accurate foot traffic data to enable data driven decisions. Consumer omni-channel purchasing habits are changing all the time making it vital for retailers to empower management with the RIGHT information, ensuring bricks and mortar retail success.

Foot traffic count data at your fingertips

Click counters are traditionally expensive and inaccurate with minimal included operational benefits. They are slow to provide information and time-poor retail managers have to physically access the device to get the daily counts.

CamCount traffic counters are designed to integrate with multiple systems to create operational efficiency for your stores. Once installed, there is no need to physically touch the device. All configuration and information is managed through a secure web portal. Our traffic counting sensors provide accurate data for retailers in: footwear, fashion apparel, Quick Service Restaurants, cafe and automotive chains. In fact, anywhere you need an accurate store traffic counting solution, we can install a CamCount sensor.*


How CamCount works


Using the latest video and Wi-Fi technology, traffic count data is collected both in and out the store.  Remote calibration of the location reduces  the counting of staff, once setup it’s all remote control. Sensors are configured to accurately count how many adults and children enter and leave the store. Our Wi-Fi presence analytics solution then anonymously and securely identifies how many Wi-Fi enabled devices are around the store. Data is compiled for immediate availability in the cloud, which is then sent to our CamCount servers for integration with your own personal dashboard. CamCount offers varying levels of access depending on your individual requirements.

Our team of business analysts also offer solutions to help interpret this data and offer insights for improvement based on 20 years of retail expertise and multiple retail verticals.

Easy to maintain and install

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A simple plan covers your traffic count hardware, cloud dashboard and maintenance of the the CamCount store counting sensor. The premium plans include a Wi-Fi sensor which will deliver advanced consumer insights.

  • Setup is quick and easy
  • Easy to use dashboard and reports
  • Access information from any web enabled device
  • Quick to deploy, minimal downtime
  • Upgrade to advanced analytics

CamCount Platform

CamCount counting applications and Wi-Fi analytics are integrated into one simple cloud platform providing a comprehensive view for physical stores. Our platform provides cloud based sensor management, dashboard reports, csv file export and an API for integration to your data warehouse.

Every sensor across every store can be remotely monitored, updated, and calibrated to maintain accuracy. Configuration, firmware upgrades, down camera alerts and licenses are all managed by the CamCount team.

The CamCount solution is flexible, easy to setup and designed for scale ability, it provides access to both historical and real-time data ensuring access to meaningful information at all times.


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